Wake Up Easier and More Naturally

The Morning Rod is a smart curtain rod that automatically opens and closes your curtains around your schedule. Have them open every morning to help you wake up, and have them close every evening at sunset to provide more privacy. 

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Set your blackout curtains to auto open and close any time you'd like.

Wake Up Easier

Use the app to schedule a time for the curtains to open in the morning, allowing natural light to wake you up.

Fits your style

Use any off-the-shelf curtains with grommets. Save money and style your home the way you want.

How Does It Work?

Here are the details on how it works. 

Two Motors

There is one motor on each end of the rod. When activated, these motors turn a belt that is connected to the carriage.

Push & pull

The rod has a carriage that moves back and forth on each side. This piece pushes and pulls your curtains in each direction

Slide the grommet

Slide the first grommet of the curtain over the carriage and it's ready to go. 


Please email us at daniel@morningrod.com for any questions whatsoever.

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