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The MorningRod Electronics Package

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This package contains all of the PCBs used in the MorningRod.

It requires all three components to work. The components included are:

1) Main PCB

2) Button PCB

3) USB Flash Tool

WARNING: Be sure that you are using a 5A USB cable, like this one on Amazon. The wires on a standard USB cable may not handle to high current this PCB requires.

The required power is 12V.

The recommended current is a minimum of 3 Amps.

You can program the TMC5130 to use less current and get away with using a 1A plug. But you must first program it down to a lower level.

Main PCB

The main PCB is custom made by us to fit inside the MorningRod housing. But it can do so much more.

This PCB has a Dual-Core ESP32 with WiFi and Bluetooth.

It also contains a Trinamic TMC5130 Motion Controler which drives one stepper motor. This is an extremely advanced and customizable stepper driver. You can find the datasheet here.

All code can be found on our Github page here.

Button PCB

The button PCB has a 12V barrel connector, two buttons, and a USB plug. Power is plugged into the barrel connector, and power and button signals exit through the USB port, which gets plugged into the main PCB

USB Flash Tool

The main PCB DOES NOT have the components to upload sketches to it via Arduino. The USB-A plug on the Main PCB is only used for 12V power and two button signals.

The USB Flash Tool allows you to upload your code to the ESP32 via the 6-Pin Header. In the current photos, the 6-Pin header is on the backside of the PCB, but we will ask you if you prefer it on the front or back before shipping out.