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The MorningRod: DIY Version

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This version of the MorningRod is for those who want to build it themselves. 

You will need to 3D print your own parts and select whether to use our extrusions, or off-the-shelf 2020 extrusions. 

If you have two spare 20mm x 20mm extrusions laying around, this version of the MorningRod uses standard 2020 extrusions while keeping all the features of the original version.

It includes all hardware required to build it, excluding 3D printed plastics, extrusions, and belts. 

Steel-core belt IS NOT included in this kit due to its variable length. Please purchase it separately here.

This allows the weight to remain very low for affordable shipping.

Build Options

You have TWO ways to get a MorningRod, depending on how much work you'd like to do.

1) Without Plastic/ Not Assembled (3D-Printed Edition)

You will receive all hardware and electronics, except for the 3D parts. You will receive STL files to create the prints. The required filament is PETG. There are 20 parts that require about 20 total hours to print using 2 trays (10 hours per tray).

Assembly of the hardware will require approximately 1.2 hours.


2) With Plastic/ Fully assembled (Easy-Hang)

You will receive the MorningRod completely built and assembled. No additional work is required.


Included Parts

The 3D Printed Kit includes the following components. You will NOT need to purchase anything extra. Scroll to the bottom to get specific details.

1) STL files to 3D print
2) Android & iOS apps 
3) NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
4) Main PCB
5) Button PCB
6) Custom length brushed anodized aluminum extrusions (x2)
7) Steel-reinforced belts (x2)
8) Motor, idler, & gear pulley (x4)
9) All required screws, nuts, and hardware
10) 12V 3A power supply
11) USB cable


3D-Printed Kit includes all the following:

1) STL files to 3D print

 You can find all STL files on our Thingiverse page here.

2) Android & iOS apps 

 You will need to download the free MorningRod app to control the curtains. They are now in the iOS and Android stores.

3) NEMA 17 2AStepper Motor

 You will receive one NEMA 17 2A High Torque stepper motor with a 4-pin JST XH connector which plugs into the PCB.

4) Main PCB

This custom made PCB has an ESP32 and TMC5130 for wireless and motor control.

5) Button PCB

 The PCB allows you to manually open and close the curtains. It is where the power supply plugs into as well.

6) Custom length brushed anodized aluminum extrusions (x2)

We will custom cut and drill two aluminum extrusions for you that will fit your window just perfectly. 


7) PVC steel-core belts (x2)

These steel-core belts do not stretch, which keeps them from skipping steps when high torque is applied. Please do not use your own rubber/fiberglass belts.


8) Idler & gear pulley


9) All required screws, nuts, and hardware


10) Modern-looking 12V 3A power supply


11) High-current USB cable

This USB-A to USB-C cable supports up to 30V/5A. It is required as the MorningRod may use up to 12V/3A. Do NOT use a standard USB cable if you have one.