The MorningRod: DIY Version

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This version of the MorningRod is for someone who wants to build it themselves. It is a fun project and allows you to learn how the MorningRod is built. It uses many of the same components found in advanced robotics devices and will give you a better understanding of them. You can then help improve the design or add more features to the open-source software if you'd like to.

This is a great way to learn more about 3D printing, electronics, and motion control.

You will need to 3D print your own parts and assemble it. 

This version includes all hardware required to build it excluding 3D printed plastics. If you'd like the preassembled version, you can find it here. The preassembled version arrives already built and ready to hang on your wall in 20 minutes.

The design is very modern, attractive, looks great in any home and uses off-the-shelf curtains with grommets that can be purchased for $18 on Amazon.

It will open all your home curtains every morning, letting light into your home and waking you up.

Use Alexa, and it will close your curtains in 5 seconds whenever you need instant privacy.

It figures out the exact sunrise and sunset time of each day and keeps your curtains closed when it gets dark, no matter what time it is.

It will change your life.

Here is what the final product will look like:

Built-in Scheduler

The easiest way to use the MorningRod is to set OPEN and CLOSE times in the app. Set the MorningRod to open at sunrise each weekday morning but then at 8am on the weekends! You do not need to mess with any other integrations to make it work.


MQTT + Home Assistant

The MorningRod has built-in support for Home Assistant using MQTT. To set it up, simply fill in the fields in the app


Want even more control? Use IFTTT to trigger the MorningRod to open and close with any other device including Alexa and Google Home.


What size do I need?

The maximum opening width is 70". If your window is wider than that, the curtains will overlap your window opening. They will have an 8" stack on both sides with opened.

When you purchase the MorningRod, the brushed aluminum is cut to fit your window. We will follow up with you after you place your order to get your window size.

If your window will not work for some reason, we will refund you right away. 

If you have a unique window or want some feedback on your window, please email me at, I am happy to work with you.


What curtains does it require? 

You need to use curtains with grommets. Once you place your order, we will let you know the best size curtains to purchase. They are very affordable, starting at $18 online.

To check for yourself, enter your window opening size below. You will then get the minimum size per panel.

Curtain length calculator

Enter window opening size (inches)


= minimum inches per panel

Where to Buy Curtains

The easiest and most affordable site to purchase curtains from is Wayfair. Using this link, simply click the "Panel Length/Width" option and change the width to be equal or greater than the Curtain Calculator above.

Included Parts

The 3D Printed Kit includes the following components. You will NOT need to purchase anything extra. Scroll to the bottom to get specific details.

1) STL files to 3D print
2) Android & iOS apps 
3) NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
4) Main PCB
5) Button PCB
6) Custom length brushed anodized aluminum extrusions (x2)
7) Steel-reinforced belts (x2)
8) Motor, idler, & gear pulley (x4)
9) All required screws, nuts, and hardware
10) 12V 3A power supply
11) USB cable


3D-Printed Kit includes all the following:

1) STL files to 3D print

 You can find all STL files on our Thingiverse page here.

2) Android & iOS apps 

 You will need to download the free MorningRod app to control the curtains. They are now in the iOS and Android stores.

3) NEMA 17 2AStepper Motor

 You will receive one NEMA 17 2A High Torque stepper motor with a 4-pin JST XH connector which plugs into the PCB.

4) Main PCB

This custom made PCB has an ESP32 and TMC5130 for wireless and motor control.

5) Button PCB

 The PCB allows you to manually open and close the curtains. It is where the power supply plugs into as well.

6) Custom length brushed anodized aluminum extrusions (x2)

We will custom cut and drill two aluminum extrusions for you that will fit your window just perfectly. 


7) PVC steel-core belts (x2)

These steel-core belts do not stretch, which keeps them from skipping steps when high torque is applied. Please do not use your own rubber/fiberglass belts.


8) Idler & gear pulley


9) All required screws, nuts, and hardware


10) Modern-looking 12V 3A power supply


11) High-current USB cable

This USB-A to USB-C cable supports up to 30V/5A. It is required as the MorningRod may use up to 12V/3A. Do NOT use a standard USB cable if you have one.