Morning Rod

Regular price $130.00

The morning rod is the worlds fastest and smartest curtain rod. It opens and closes your window curtains around your schedule and helps you wake up easier and have more privacy.

It is available in many sizes, so please measure your windows very carefully and look at the graphics below to understand how it will look on your windows. 


The measurement of each rod is taken from the outside end of the end mount, which attaches to your wall. Please keep this in mind. 

 In addition to knowing how the rod is measured, please keep in mind the stack back portion of your curtains. When they are resting on the end, the curtains will form a stack that is between 7" and 9". The exact size will depend on the width of your curtains. The wider they are, the more material will stack. When used with 35" curtains, the stack is 7", and when used with 54" wide curtains, the stack is 9".


At the moment, the rod does NOT come with the finial, which is the decorative metal ball that is attached to the end. However, it does come with a hole that allows you to screw one into it.